JL / XFM Winter Wonderland

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The brooding rockers from Birmingham, fronted by Tom Smith – alongside newest member Justin Lockey have stopped work on their highly-anticpated fourth album just to headline XFM‘s Winter Wonderland with Rocksmith in support of War Child. The band – who are currently working on their fourth album – will perform their only scheduled date until next summer as part of the incredible line-up.

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Paul has recently been jamming with London based ‘Horsefight’ and if I’m honest. I can’t get a fucking enough of them. I’m unaware as to whether the join is permanent or whether Paul is just playing a few gigs with them, as they are usually and still described as a two piece, consisting of Luke Dunell and Steve Canter both from Australia.

You can check them out below, via the stuff I’ve embedded, and the links below that. ENJOY.

AH / Mammal Club R.I.P


Mammal Club announced on the 15th August that they are to bring there music to an end. A great, great shame. Were sorry, and you have probably heard by now, but I’ve been mega busy. So will keep you updated on all things Adam. I’ve decided to write this for a number of reasons. Partly explanation (for anyone who feels they require one). Partly as a final emotional outpouring in the name of Mammal Club (for anyone who feels they require one). Continue reading…

SA / Knuckle Dragger @ NEWBRIDGE PROJECT


Knuckle Dragger are playing alongside &U&I (ex Blakfish ) + In Oceans + | Waheela (whla) @ THE NEWBRIDGE PROJECT [ 18 New Bridge Street Newcastle ] on the 13th July. Not only that, but they have a full list of gigs to play this year, so your bound to catch them somewhere, they unfortunately had to pull out of a recent Norwich gig due to Shaun being in ill health, however he’s full recovered and ready for the Newcastle gig, in around two weeks time.

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JL / FILM I & FILM || handheldcinéclub / The Editors

handheldcinéclub ( consisting of Justin Lockey – yourcodenameis:milo – and his younger brother ) have recently posted two videos ‘ FILM I ‘ & ‘ FILM II’ on there Facebook page, the videos show The Editors recording, and performing with some abstract music being played over the top. On closer inspection, we see Justin playing along with them. Is Justin joining up with The Editors? Or just recording some sessions?
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JL / WBYT Spirit Of The Talk Talk


FIERCE PANDA RELEASES ‘SPIRIT OF TALK TALK’ TRIBUTE IN SEPTEMBER and it features artists like Bon Iver, White Lies, Jason Lyttle of Grandaddy and Richard Reed Parry Arcade Fire, & White Belt Yellow Tag who do an amazing cover of Talk Talk’s track ‘ TODAY ‘ – In all fairness the WBYT version of ‘ Today ‘ is superb but as previously illustrated there are also loads of other great artists contributing to the tribute to one of the best bands of all time. So buy it!
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