Paul has recently been jamming with London based ‘Horsefight’ and if I’m honest. I can’t get a fucking enough of them. I’m unaware as to whether the join is permanent or whether Paul is just playing a few gigs with them, as they are usually and still described as a two piece, consisting of Luke Dunell and Steve Canter both from Australia.

You can check them out below, via the stuff I’ve embedded, and the links below that. ENJOY.

AH / Mammal Club R.I.P


Mammal Club announced on the 15th August that they are to bring there music to an end. A great, great shame. Were sorry, and you have probably heard by now, but I’ve been mega busy. So will keep you updated on all things Adam. I’ve decided to write this for a number of reasons. Partly explanation (for anyone who feels they require one). Partly as a final emotional outpouring in the name of Mammal Club (for anyone who feels they require one). Continue reading…