I would like to introduce you to ‘ Iron Chef ‘ – They are named after the YCNI:M track, and have a similar sound. They are a 3-piece alternative mathy rock band from Bristol. They have an appetite for energetic riffs and rhythms that make you wish you had more feet to dance with. Check them out below, and be sure to make a note of the live dates to see this three piece live. I for one, will be looking out for London dates.

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YCNI:M / Paul, Adam, Justin, Shaun & Ross Spotify.


I asked Paul, Adam, Justin, Shaun & Ross to put together a playlist of songs they’re either listening to at the moment, liked for a while, love, or just recommend. I’ve then compiled them into a Spotify Playlist for you all. Enjoy. ( Unfortunately I couldn’t get a playlist from Justin, when I do. I’ll post it.

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