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I asked Paul, Adam, Justin, Shaun & Ross to put together a playlist of songs they’re either listening to at the moment, liked for a while, love, or just recommend. I’ve then compiled them into a Spotify Playlist for you all. Enjoy. ( Unfortunately I couldn’t get a playlist from Justin, when I do. I’ll post it.

Simply click the links and follow instructions to open them up in Spotify. If you don’t have Spotify you can grab it here. If you are unable to download, unfortunately it is not yet available in all countries. I’ve put the playlists below for anyone that can’t access Spotify.

Would appreciate your comments on the song choices, so feel free.

“Due to technical and legal issues, Spotify isn’t available in several overseas territories belonging to Finland, France, the UK and the US among other countries. This is why you get the error message “Unfortunately, due to licensing restrictions we are not yet available in your region” when you try to create an account. If you live in one of those territories, we apologise and we invite you to keep an eye on the blog for any updates on this subject.”

- Spotify.com


YCNIMBlog PM Playlist – Paul Mullen
YCNIMBlog AH Playlist – Adam Hiles
YCNIMBlog SA Playlist – Shaun Abbott
YCNIMBlog RH Playlist – Ross Harley


Fog – ‘I have been wronged’
United Fruit – ‘Wrecking Ball’
Grass Is Green – ‘UHM TSK’
Mogwai – ‘Rano Pano’
Red Kite – ‘Montreal’
Efterkleng – ‘The Soft Beating’
Sun Glitters – ‘It Takes Me’
Gold Panda – ‘You’
Part Chimp – ’30,00000000000000 People’
Meshuggah – ‘Pneal Gland Optics’


Burial – ‘Etched Headplate’
Thundercat – ‘For Love I Came’
Pantha Du Prince – ‘Lay In A Shimmer’
Warpaint – ‘Undertow’
Zomby – ‘Black Orchid’
Sparks – ‘La Dolce Vita’
Anna Calvi – ‘No More Words’
Battles – ‘Futura’
Gang Gang Dance – ‘House Jam’
Kelis – ‘Scream’
Le Corps Mince De Francoise (LCMDF) – ‘Gandhi’
Method Man & Redman – ‘Da Rockwilder’
Slipknot – ‘Duality’


Boddika & Joy O – ‘Swims’
Martyn – ‘Masks’
Scuba – ‘Adrenalin’
Peverelist – ‘Sun Dance’
Ital tek – ‘Gonga’
Shackleton – ‘Blood On My Hands’
Hudson Mohawke – ‘Gluetooth’
Sepalcure – ‘Breezin’
Kuedo – ‘Ant City’
Sigha – ‘Early Morning Lights’


Au revoir Simone – ‘Shadows’
Brendan Benson – ‘Poised and Ready’
David Bowie – ‘The secret life of Arabia’
Frank Ocean – ‘Strawberry Swin’
Rilo Kiley – ‘The Moneymaker’
Kraftwerk – ‘Vitamin’
Bon Iver – ‘Bloodbank’
Field Music – ‘Choose Sides’
Josh T Pearson – ‘Woman, when I’ve raised hell’
Charles Mingus – ‘Boogie Stop Shuffle’

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